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On this blog I will write about my path to financial independence (FI). Therefore I will cover themes within personal economy, personal growth, life philosophy and other topics related to FI. In this blog many of the posts will be about money. But why money? Is it because I’m a selfish guy with an excessive capitalistic view of life? No, it’s because money is the only asset that will buy you freedom! My main goal in life is to escape the corporate world, and in order to do that I need enough money. You may wonder what I will do with all the time when I don’t work anymore? Well, I think this blog will cover that topic into the smallest detail.

A little bit about myself; I just entered the 30s and live in Europe with my beautiful wife. I’ve studied a lot through the years, including economics, nutrition physiology, chemistry, engineering and project management. Why all these studies you may ask? I see myself as a…. –> read my full story here: Meet mr. Route 2 FI