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I’m glad you’ve stopped by Route2FI! There’s a ton of great content I’d love to share with you. If gaining financial independence with a focus on life purpose is your intent, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve just started my road to FIRE, and I got some years left before leaving the corporate world. Reading all those other FIRE-blogs made me want to make a blog for my own journey. As of march 2019 my net worth is currently aprox. 170.000 $, which 155.000 of these $ are invested in index funds. Read more about How to reach financial independence – Quit your job and live the life of your dreams! here.

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About me and what you will find on my blog

I’m an introvert working as a project manager and think my job is cool enough, it’s just the routines that’s killing me. If I could do the same work from home, or choose which projects to work with, I would probably do it for a less salary. I think that I would love any job that wouldn’t feel like work.

This would be some kind of work that I choose fo myself, and that I am totally passionate about. In order to do that (seeking that freedom), I’ll save as much money as I can, so I’ll feel secure enough to step out of the corporate world.Read more about me and what this blog is all about here: Meet mr. Route 2 FI

On this blog I will write about my path to financial independence (FI). Therefore I will cover themes within personal economy, personal growth, life philosophy and other topics related to FI. In this blog many of the posts will be about money. But why money? Is it because I’m a selfish guy with an excessive capitalistic view of life? No, it’s because money is the only asset that will buy you freedom!

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The sweet escape

My main goal in life is to escape the corporate world, and in order to do that I need enough money. You may wonder what I will do with all the time when I don’t work anymore? Well, I think this blog will cover that topic into the smallest detail. Read more about my plan here: My plan for acheiving financial independence & what I plan to do when i hit FIRE

My path to FI is several years away, and this blog will hopefully motivate me to continue the hard work (read more about my goals for 2019 here). To my advantage I already have all the things I want in life, except for time. I’ve got a lot of hobbies that I would like to spend more time on as soon as I pursue FI.

I love spending time with my fiancee, friends/family, playing tennis/squash, ride my road bike, bodyweight excersises, read books, write, help others, think and contemplate about life and to some extent; travel. As you can see, I already got everything I want in life in order to be happy. And because of that I’m really grateful. The only asset I would like more of is time, and that’s the reason I want FI.

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