Financial Independence – Only 18 Months Left!

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6 out of 12 months has passed in 2020 already. Where did all that time go? 

What I like to do is to sit down to reflect over past events and things that happened.

Years are adding quickly, and one of the main reasons I pursue financial independence is because I want to have complete control over my own time. 

After the first 6 months, my savings rate is 79,6%.


I’m quite surprised that I’ve been able to save that much. 

With a savings rate of 80% it takes 5 years to be financial independent starting from $0!

Luckily for me I’ve already saved up a far bunch and my index funds are now valued at $326,862 as you can see on the figure below.

How Long Am I From Reaching Financial Independence Now?

My financial independence goal is to save up $500,000 in index funds.

Since I already have $326,862 invested, I’m not that far away. If I just stopped investing completely today (without withdrawing my money), I would reach financial independence in aprox. 4 years.

But I’m not planning to do that. I will continue to invest as much as I can every single month.

For the first 6 months I’ve already invested $29,619 into index funds. Therefore I absolutely believe I’ll be able to invest $30,000 more this year.

The compound interest calculator says I’m FI in 1 year and 11 months, but to be honest I guess I’ll be there November/December 2021.

This financial independence thing is starting to feel real now!

What Will I Spend My Time On Once I’m Financial Independent?

Okey, so here’s the thing. Maybe I’ll reach financial independence in 18 months. Will I stop working completely then?

The answer is that I don’t know yet. I’ve changed so incredibly much in the last 18 months since I started my blog. I’ve started to develop a wealth mindset.

One quote really sticked with me the other day:

“The poor discuss consumer products. The middle class discuss salaries. The wealthy discuss equity”.

The reason I mention this is because it’s relevant for what I will spend my time on.

When I started my financial independence journey I just wanted to quit my job so I could relax. Do nothing. Spend my time on reading books, think and write.

And that’s what I want to do still, but I know by myself that I want to work with some projects as well.

I want to spend my time on creating. A business would be my main option. Recently I talked to a guy about starting a consulting firm. We could do consulting on stocks, real estate and generally financial planning.

Or I could create a business out of something else. My fiancee and I could be interested in starting a lamp shop.

In some ways I’ve already started a business since I’ve started selling some e-books on Gumroad, but this isn’t the kind of business I want to do for the long game.

My long-term option would be to go into “Impact Investing”/Venture Philantrophy”.

Impact investing / Venture Philantrophy

Guide to impact investing for beginners

Impact investing, with the dual goal of making a profit and creating positive social or environmental improvements, can take place in developed or emerging markets.

In emerging economies, microfinance projects are popular, but impact investing also funds improving employment and education opportunities, supporting sustainable agriculture, making healthcare or housing affordable, and developing clean technology.

I remember I learned about microfinance in my university, and I immediately loved the concept.

Microfinance services are provided to unemployed or low-income individuals because most of those trapped in poverty, or who have limited financial resources, do not have enough income to do business with traditional financial institutions.

Microfinance allows people to take on reasonable small business loans safely, and in a manner that is consistent with ethical lending practices.

Does anyone know which funds I can invest in for microfinance?

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  1. steveark says: Reply

    Consulting can be lucrative if you’ve got marketable skills. I’ve averaged around 100K for the five years since I retired slightly early, working just about 8 hours per week. But I’m in a niche field, I don’t think most people can charge that much though some charge much more. I lined my consulting gigs up prior to leaving the 9 to 5 world and my clients are all business friends I made during my career. You might want to consider getting your feet wet during this last 18 months of work?

  2. Thanks for sharing this very important information. If most of us could figure it out, the world would probably be a better place to be.

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