5 Ideas About Success, Finacial Independence And The Simple Life That Will Make You Think

Reading Time: 3 minutes Things I’ve been thinking about lately 1. Talent for maneuvering The smartest people are stuck in the middle. The people who are running things are the mediocrities. Why is that? Excellence isn’t what gets you up the corporate ladder. What gets you up is a talent for maneuvering. Think of this the next time your […]

Is the 4%-Rule Too Conservative? If You Accept Some Risk You Could Retire From The 9-5 Much Earlier!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do You Want Coaching On Financial Independence & How To Build A Large Twitter Account? 👇 Become a Patron! What I think about rather often is how much I need to retire from the 9-5. Do I really need 25 x my yearly expenses to live well (4%-rule)? Or would 15-20 x my yearly expenses […]