2 years And 8 Months Left Until Financial Independence – This Is My Plan!

Reading Time: 6 minutes This blog post was awarded “Blog Post Of The Month” by FIREhub.eu. Updating My Plan From 5 Years To Under 3 Years I’ve always been interested in evolving myself. Right now financial independence is my main priority. I read Vicki Robin’s “Your Money Or Your Life” again last year, and after reading it for the […]

The Perfect Time To Invest & Why The Market Always Goes Up

Reading Time: 4 minutes Like everyone, I sometimes struggle with waiting for the perfect time. You wait for the perfect time to get married, learn a new skill, quit a bad habit etc. And then after you just do the thing, you always wonder why you waited so long. It’s no different with investing. If you’ve never invested before […]

How I Am Going To Quit My Job And Be Financial Independent In Only 5 Years

Reading Time: 7 minutes Twitter: @Route2FI Why do most people spend decades in careers they don’t like? The norm is to go to school, graduate, take a job, climb the corporate ladder and stay there for 30-40 years. Then you are free to enjoy life when you’re 67 years old. Have you ever wondered if this is the life […]

Route 2 FI Interview Series – #8 – Perpetual Money Machine

Reading Time: 18 minutes Twitter: @Route2FI Welcome to the Route 2 FI interview series. I’m starting this series to get inside the heads of people that inspires me on my way to Financial Independence. Today’s guest is John from Perpetual Money Machine. John is actually a multi-millionaire already, so this could be a really interesting interview! John has a […]