The BIG Reason To Why I’m Still Chasing Financial Independence

Reading Time: 7 minutes Twitter: @Route2FI I now feel confident that I eventually will reach my FI goal. My net worth is starting to approach $200,000.I’ve made a routine where I consistently save more than 60 % of my income every month.I track my income, expenses and net worth every month.I’ve got a promotion several times. I’ve raised my […]

Do You Want To Reach Financial Independence? These 3 Steps Will Get You There A Lot Faster!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Today I’m happy to introduce the second guest post on this site from my friend Ethan Blagg. Ethan is an entrepreneur, investor, inventor and writes deep meaningful texts that really makes you think. He loves to write about personal self actualization, personal understanding and the advancement of civilization. In this guest post I asked him […]

How “Elements Of Freedom” Will Change Your Route To Financial Independence

Reading Time: 9 minutes Review Of Four Pillar Freedom’s Book “Elements Of Freedom”   “Think of money as a tool you can use to buy your freedom, which will ultimately give you the means to live a rich and meaningful life on your own terms.” By Route 2 FI   About Four Pillar Freedom Zach’s first book “Elements Of […]

When To Walk Away From The Rat Race – How Much Money Is Enough?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many people struggle with money. We don’t have enough, we don’t earn enough and we can’t pay for the things we want in life. Our first thought must be that the people who struggle with money are those who earn little. But, this is not true. As I explained in this post about hedonic adaption: […]

Financial Independence: The Ability To Go In And Out Of Situations

Reading Time: 5 minutes Today I’m happy to introduce the first guest post on this site with a very special guest: Sam from the norwegian blog Balansere. The blog Balansere is absolutely one of my favorite blogs, and special to me because I really can relate to how she writes. Sam writes deep meaningful posts that really makes you […]