Is the 4%-Rule Too Conservative? If You Accept Some Risk You Could Retire From The 9-5 Much Earlier!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do You Want Coaching On Financial Independence & How To Build A Large Twitter Account? ? Become a Patron! What I think about rather often is how much I need to retire from the 9-5. Do I really need 25 x my yearly expenses to live well (4%-rule)? Or would 15-20 x my yearly expenses […]

How To Achieve Financial Independence And Live Of The 4%-Rule – A Detailed Step-By-Step Guide

Reading Time: 14 minutes Support my work Are you interested in getting 1:1 coaching for Financial Independence? Click here It all starts with a change You’ve thought about it for so many years, but you’ve never done anything about it. The corporate world you hate, the long work hours, the meaningless work routine and of course commutes. Hopefully someone […]

The Perfect Time To Invest & Why The Market Always Goes Up

Reading Time: 4 minutes Like everyone, I sometimes struggle with waiting for the perfect time. You wait for the perfect time to get married, learn a new skill, quit a bad habit etc. And then after you just do the thing, you always wonder why you waited so long. It’s no different with investing. If you’ve never invested before […]