Start Before You’re Ready – What I’ve Learned In The Last 18 Months

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do You Want To Support My Work? ? Become a Patron! Start Before You’re Ready This other day I was thinking about starting another blog, or maybe even recreate The reason for this is that financial independence means so much more than just money and hustling (at least for me). When I’m financial independent […]

When To Walk Away From The Rat Race – How Much Money Is Enough?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Many people struggle with money. We don’t have enough, we don’t earn enough and we can’t pay for the things we want in life. Our first thought must be that the people who struggle with money are those who earn little. But, this is not true. As I explained in this post about hedonic adaption: […]

How Minimalism Changed My Life And Saved Me Tons Of Money

Reading Time: 12 minutes Notice: This post will be highly philosophical. Hopefully, I can inspire someone. Everybody wants more We’re working so hard, but why? We want more. We want to have a bigger house, a nicer car than our neighbor, the perfect dress. When we finally land that job which pays us 50 k, we soon aim for […]