2 years And 8 Months Left Until Financial Independence – This Is My Plan!

Reading Time: 6 minutes This blog post was awarded “Blog Post Of The Month” by FIREhub.eu. Updating My Plan From 5 Years To Under 3 Years I’ve always been interested in evolving myself. Right now financial independence is my main priority. I read Vicki Robin’s “Your Money Or Your Life” again last year, and after reading it for the […]

How I Am Going To Quit My Job And Be Financial Independent In Only 5 Years

Reading Time: 7 minutes Twitter: @Route2FI Why do most people spend decades in careers they don’t like? The norm is to go to school, graduate, take a job, climb the corporate ladder and stay there for 30-40 years. Then you are free to enjoy life when you’re 67 years old. Have you ever wondered if this is the life […]

The BIG Reason To Why I’m Still Chasing Financial Independence

Reading Time: 7 minutes Twitter: @Route2FI I now feel confident that I eventually will reach my FI goal. My net worth is starting to approach $200,000.I’ve made a routine where I consistently save more than 60 % of my income every month.I track my income, expenses and net worth every month.I’ve got a promotion several times. I’ve raised my […]