My Stock Portfolio Climbs To $385,915 – Financial Independence Here I Come!

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Things Nobody Tells You About Financial Independence

Reading Time: 2 minutes Support my work If you like my work on Twitter and this blog, you can buy me a “coffee” and share your thoughts šŸŽ‰ā˜• Picking brains of like-minded people is a great first step to understand what works and what does not. Ā  Ā  Ā  This time I’ve been interviewed by my great friend Niraj […]

How Minimalism Changed My Life And Saved Me Tons Of Money

Reading Time: 12 minutes Notice: This post will be highly philosophical. Hopefully, I can inspire someone. Everybody wants more We’re working so hard, but why? We want more. We want to have a bigger house, a nicer car than our neighbor, the perfect dress. When we finally land that job which pays us 50 k, we soon aim for […]

How These 9 Easy Steps Allows Me To Quit My Job In Only 8 Years

Reading Time: 11 minutes My thoughts about “Your Money Or Your Life” Wow. This book is too good. At first glance, you think that it’s just a book about money. It’s much, much more, though. It’s about money, but it’s also about digging deep and figuring out what it is you want for your life – what your purposes […]