What Will I Sacrifice If I Continue On This Track For 5,10, Or 20 Years?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do You Want To Support My Work? ? Become a Patron! This topic hit me hard the other day. I was re-reading Tim Ferris’ book “The 4-hour work-week” where this is one of the deepest questions. It’s quite interesting to think about what my life would look like if I continue working 9-5 for the […]

Start Before You’re Ready – What I’ve Learned In The Last 18 Months

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do You Want To Support My Work? ? Become a Patron! Start Before You’re Ready This other day I was thinking about starting another blog, or maybe even recreate Route2FI.com. The reason for this is that financial independence means so much more than just money and hustling (at least for me). When I’m financial independent […]

5 Ideas About Success, Finacial Independence And The Simple Life That Will Make You Think

Reading Time: 3 minutes Things I’ve been thinking about lately 1. Talent for maneuvering The smartest people are stuck in the middle. The people who are running things are the mediocrities. Why is that? Excellence isn’t what gets you up the corporate ladder. What gets you up is a talent for maneuvering. Think of this the next time your […]

100 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Reach Financial Independence

Reading Time: 7 minutes Support my work If you like my work on Twitter and this blog, you can buy me a “coffee” and share your thoughts ?☕ Time For Self-Reflection: DaVinci’s 100 Questions Michael Gelb has written a book called How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. In the book, Gelb shares 7 principles that characterize the genius […]