How To Become A Better Version Of Yourself

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What’s the purpose of life?

Why are we here?

No matter who you’re asking, you’ll get different answers.

My answer to the question is this: “I want to contribute to the world.”

You may think that to contribute to the world, you have to do something extraordinary.

Something big. And since most people believe that, they’ll never start.

They’ll never start to do what they truly want.

I’m no exception. I’m in my early 30’s, and I didn’t start to believe in myself until recently.

In the summer of 2018 I found out that I wanted to document my journey to financial independence. That decision opened up a whole new world to me.


I’ve written almost 100 articles for this blog.

Some of them good, some of them bad and a lot of them are just…somewhere in between good and bad.

What I am sure of though, is that I’ve evolved as a writer and that I write better in english now than before I started writing weekly.

What I am really looking into is to become a better writer. I am sure the best way to do that is to simply show up consistently. I’ve written one article per week, but now I’m thinking of trying to write two articles per week.

I think what’s been stopping me from doing this earlier on is that I’ve been afraid of not delivering high quality. But at the same time, I do believe that quality comes from iterations. And to iterate I have to write more. To write more means publishing more.

The written word has the power to change lives. To show you an example of that, read these lines by one of my favorite writers, James Clear:

“You could be reading these exact words from anywhere on the planet. But wherever you are, we are connecting because I sat down and wrote these words and you’re reading them. That’s amazing, if you think about it.

We all have words inside of us — words that could change the world, words that could entertain and delight, words that could teach and improve — but these words can only unleash their power when shared. That’s why I write every week and it’s why I believe that the world needs more people to find the courage to make their work public”.

When I read those words I’m filled with enthusiasm and joy. It reminds me that I have to contine to write in public.

And if you doubt if what you have to say is good enough, remember that James Clear started out from zero as well.

But he believed in himself, showing up consistently and writing an article every Monday and Thursday for 3 years.

Now he’s one of the most known writer out there.

It’s natural to think “I can’t do that” or “I don’t have time”. But the only reason that you don’t have time for it, is because you don’t want it badly enough. You have to make time. Every single day.

Start Living Your Dream Life Now

There’s a saying that states that you should start living your ideal life before you actually reach your goals.

I’ll be financial independent in 2 years, but why should I postpone all my plans 24 months into the future because of some arbitrary number?

Nothing will change with financial independence. You will be the same person. So why not start to live the life you want now?

I’ve said that I want to focus more on my writing, and that I’ll automatically will have more time to pursue it after I reach FI. But then I thought: “Why not start now?” Why not start creating my dream life through small iterations every day on the journey to financial independence?

Naval said it best in one tweet:

So how am I preparing to be a better version of myself every day, every week and every month?

-I consistently save and invest 70-75% of my income every month.
Why? To become financially independent.

-I read at least 15 pages/day.
Why? To acquire more knowledge and to think better.

-I journal at least 3-4 days every week
Why? To improve my thinking, sort out my ideas and to reflect over what I’ve learned.

-I write at least 2 days every week (would like to increase it to every day).
Why? To understand myself better.

-I tweet every day.
Why? It helps me explain thoughts in few words. The best tweets have 1,000 characters worth of thought for 100 characters worth of content.

-I work out almost every day. My goal is 25,000 push-ups and 15,000 chins in 2020.
Why? To become stronger, healthier and fitter.

-I eat healthy and fast at least 2 days every week
Why? To have a fit and functional body. Fasting is also good for developing better self-control.

How are you optimizing your life?

Which habits are working for you?

How do you strive to become a little better everyday?

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2 Replies to “How To Become A Better Version Of Yourself”

  1. Only in 2019 I discovered the power of writing. It really clears the “fog” from my brain and allows me to organize my thoughts. Should have started writing a long long time ago. I only manage to publish 1 post a week at the moment and for me it’s more than enough.

    P.S – don’t forget to add some squats to your workout 🙂

    1. route2fi says: Reply

      Writing is medicine for the brain! Squats is hard ??

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