How To Change Your Money Game In A Year

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What happens when all your dreams come true?

You see, that’s the problem with goals. You’re going to reach them one day.

That’s way I believe in systems, not goals.

My goal is to save and invest $500,000 within 2 years. But after that? Will I be happy ever after? No, because once you’ve reached a goal, you’re already looking for the next goal to reach.

That’s why you need systems. Let’s illustrate with my money goals.

Goal: Save & invest $500,000 with 2 years

System: Save & invest as much as I can every month for the rest of my life

Or you could illustrate it with a fitness goal.

Goal: Do 15,000 hang-ups in 2020

System: Work-out 20 minutes every day no matter what

A goal is finished once you’ve reached it, but a system lasts forever.

This concept I’ve learnt from Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy).

What I try to point out is that goals are ending, while systems lasts forever. If you’re like me (trying to improve every day), systems is what you should aim for.

Internet Money

Lately I’ve been exploring and observing sellers on Gumroad, I even gave out my very own e-book about how you can reach financial independence in 5-10 years.

What changed me is that it completely re-wired my brain on how I think about money.

In the 9-5 we’re trained to think that X number of hours gives you Y number of money.

So the only way you can earn more money is to increase your working hours.

Example: If you work 40 hours per week, you’ll recieve $5,000 per month. If you work 60 hours per week, you’ll recieve $7,500 per month.

After I started to promote my book last week this way to think changed. I’m starting to think that internet money probably will cover all my monthly costs (aprox. $1,500/month) if I continue to do this.

The fine thing about promoting something you’ve made at Gumroad, is that your readers can learn from you in an easy way (books/video courses), while you get paid for it. I’m all for free ideas, but I’m actually putting in a lot of effort in creating a book. For the last 2 years I’ve read at least 2-3 hours on blogs and books about financial independence.

The book is my ideas and understanding of financial independence distilled in only 40 pages. You don’t need a 300 pages book when the ideas can be summarized in 40 pages.

Earning money on the internet is different. It’s only you that can set the limit for how much money you can earn there. Lately I’ve seen people doing $10K every month through Twitter.

Money isn’t everything, but if it can speed up the journey to financial independence, then why not?

Discovering the money game changed me

I now feel confindent that financial independence won’t be the end to earning money.

The funny thing is that it should be possible to retire earlier as well.

If I only sell 1 book every day for $14, that’s an extra $5,110 per year. 

That’s kind of insane if you think about it. Since I only spent $17,800 last year, this would mean that I only need to earn $12,7K as a passive income per year.

In other words my FIRE-number would be: $12,700 x 25 = $317,500 $317,500 is aprox. the amount of money that I have in my stock portfolio right now.

Am I already financial independent? Wow!

I will have to expand on this theme further in my next post.

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