Net Worth Update: $279,503 – January 2020

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Net worth: $279,503!

This is my 15th net worth update. In december I had a 79,7 % savings rate!

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By Route 2 FI

Index Funds

In the figure below you can see my index fund value as of 1. january 2020. 

I sold my apartment in july 2018 (and then bought a new one 50/50 with my fiancee). That was when I got serious with my investing.

Because my brokerage account is in NOK and not in US Dollars, the numbers fluctuate a lot every month because of currency changes.

As you can see on the screenshot below, my portfolio was up + 30,17% in 2019 (aprox. $42,655).

Below you can also see the funds that I’m invested in. 

In total my portfolio is exposed aprox. 70 % to MSCI World and 30 % to MSCI Emerging Markets.


Since the beginning of my index investing journey (january 2018), my portfolio is up 19,74 %.


My volatility for the portfolio is 8,92 % for the last 12 months.

If I were to quit investing today (which I obviously wont), I would have earned $35,238 (310,211 NOK).


Income, Expenses And How Much I Can Withdraw According To The 4%-rule

It’s motivating to see that I can safely withdraw $1,013 every month for the rest of my life.

I will do everything I can to raise this dollar amount in the future. 

As you all know my goal is to save $500.000 USD.

This means my monthly FI money goal is $1,667 USD each month. I’m over 1/2 to my goal and it feels great!

Recently I wrote a detailed post on how I will reach a $500.000 net worth in only 2 years and 6 months.

Portfolio results for december 2019

My portfolio was up +7,5 % in december 2019.


We own an apartment 50/50 that has a total value of $528,000. That means my share is $264,000.

While this sounds good, my share of the mortgage is $236,631.

The interest rate on the mortgage is 2,55 %.


My current pension is $58,873.

I recently found out that I had a pension plan in a job I had as a teenager as well. Pension is a really iliquid asset class, because I can't withdraw the amount before I'm 62 years old.

Student loan

After nine years with different studies I got $54,215 in student loans.

In Norway the university has no fees, so this is a loan covering basic living expenses while you're at the studies.

The interest rate is 2.57 %.
I'm not paying anything on this loan at the moment.

Stock Investing Loan

I was recently approved as a Private Banking customer at my broker Nordnet.

As a Private Banking customer you're allowed to loan $55,000 (500,000 NOK) to 2,95 interest rate.

The interest rate is 2.95 %.
I'm not paying anything on this loan at the moment.

Total Net Worth

Net Worth (USD $)

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  1. Well done! That savings rate is insane, and your expenses keep going down year on year! How do you do that?

    Also what was your thought process on going for the stock loan? The general advice is to not to leverage stock market investments for the long run.

    A tip on formatting – I find the center alignment of text difficult to read. The natural flow of the reader’s eyes are from left to right. Anything different quickly becomes tedious.

    1. route2fi says: Reply

      Thanks. Are you on Twitter? Lets have a Chat there!!

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