Net Worth Update: Almost $200,000 – July 2019 !

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Net worth: Back To $188,000 !

This is my eight net worth update. In june I had a CRAZY 78,6 % savings rate, which I’m extremely happy about!

By Route 2 FI

Index Funds

In the figure below you can see my index fund value as of 1. july 2019. 

I sold my apartment in july 2018 (and then bought a new one 50/50 with my fiancee). That was when I got serious with my investing.

A small part of my portfolio is at the moment leveraged (aprox 1,6 %).

The interest rate I got for this leveraged stock loan is now raised from 2,19 % to 2,95 %, and I’m now trying to get rid of my stock loan because of increased interest rate.

It’s motivating to see that I can safely withdraw $569,9 every month for the rest of my life.

I will do everything I can to raise this dollar amount in the future. As you all know my goal is to save up 600.000 USD.

This means my monthly FI money goal is $2,000 USD each month. I’m over 1/4 to my goal and it feels great!

Recently I wrote a detailed post on how I will reach a 600.000 $ net worth in only 5 years.

Portfolio results for june 2019

My portfolio was up 1,93 % in june 2019 (my portfolio consists of aprox.
70 % MSCI World and 30 % MSCI Emerging Markets).


We own an apartment 50/50 that has a total value of $515,000. That means my share is $257,500.

While this sounds good, my share of the mortgage is $230,390.

The interest rate on the mortgage is 2,10 %.


My current pension is 47.727 $.

I recently found out that I had a pension plan in a job I had as a teenager as well. Pension is a really iliquid asset class, because I can't withdraw the amount before I'm 62 years old.

Student loan

After nine years with different studies I got $55,243 in student loans.

In Norway the university has no fees, so this is a loan covering basic living expenses while you're at the studies.

The interest rate is 2.2 %.
I'm not paying anything on this loan at the moment.

Stock Loan

My stock loan, which I consider good debt (2,19 % interest rate) is currently at $2,753.

Total Net Worth

Net Worth (USD $)

Is it possible with a net worth of $200,000 next month? 

Time will show!

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6 Replies to “Net Worth Update: Almost $200,000 – July 2019 !”

  1. Great savings rate. My June was a little boring and my first financial update, but I will for sure step it up in the months to come.

    For those who care, this was my June

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  3. Just to get a sense of the number and your lifestyle, where are you based in?

    1. route2fi says: Reply

      HEy, mate.

      I’m based in Norway.

      And you? 🙂

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