March 2019 Income & Expenses

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New monthly update: here is my income & expenses for march 2019!


Here is what my income looked like in march:

My income this month was 4651,6 $. As you can see most of it (94 %) was from my day job.

The post “Rent from partner” is for the shared cost (housing). My GF transfers to me, and then I pay the bill. No sales at ebay this month. Not good!


My expenses this month was 1786,9 $. That’s 69 $ less than last month! I think this is a relatively normal month in case of expenses for me.

If I just can manage to get a passive income up to 2000 $ a month, it would mean I am financially free!

I really consider buying things before I actually do it. FIRE has made me save a lot of money, but at the same time I sometimes blame myself for spending money on things that I know I could survive without (fancy dinners eg.). It feels good in the moment, but it doesn’t give me enough pleasure to defend the high costs.

Of these expenses there is only one of them I think is unnecessary, and that is the high cost for public transport. I work a 45 min commute from my home, and public transport is expensive in Norway.

I will try to change to a job nearer my home, so that I can walk or bike to work. Actually I’m going to a job interview tomorrow (5 minutes walk from home and a slightly higher salary), so I’m crossing my fingers for a positive outcome!

And as well, I don’t need a monthly public transport subscription if I get a new job. Luckily my employer sponsored the public transport for me in the first quarter of 2019, so I get this sum refunded on the salaries.

Savings rate

This month’s savings rate was 61,5 %, which I think is really great. It feels too good to load up my index funds, and in the next post about my net worth you’ll see how my progress are.

Stay tuned for my next “income & expenses”-post!

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5 Replies to “March 2019 Income & Expenses”

  1. Eelis Vatanen says: Reply

    I’ve mentioned previously too, but those kind of savings rates are just ridiculous! Ridiculously high I mean. Congrats!
    I’m pretty frugal and I have trouble keeping my costs under 2,300€. Okay that includes an average of 400€ in traveling, which is budgeted, but not always met. Still, hats off.

    I thought Norway was expensive ? I kid.

    No, in all honesty, well done.

    By the way, do you use Tink or something to categorize your expenses or go through them manually?

  2. route2fi says: Reply

    Thank you so much, my friend!

    Well, not all months are like that. But if I don’t travel for a month, that’s aprox how much I spend. My goal is to keep my spending under 2k $, because then I safely can retire with 600.000 $ (600k/25/12 = 2k).
    Well, Norway is expensive, but Finland is also expensive!

    In january I spent over 3k (travel month).

    No, I use “Spending Tracker”, but it’s not great..because I have to plot it in manually. We should have something similar to “Personal Capital”. What do you use? Any recommendations? 😀

    Cheers, Finn!

  3. Nick @ says: Reply

    Well done! Fingers crossed that you get that job, then! 😉
    Would be nice to see that $150 expense vanish from the budget I imagine! You’ll be close to $1500/month then!

    I can’t even dream of a savings rates like that. Looking forward to your net worth update! 😉

  4. route2fi says: Reply

    Thanks, Nick! ? Oh yes, hopefully I get that job!
    If I could just get rid of that public transport card, it would be awesome ?
    How are you doing on your FI journey lately? I’ll to and check out your blog right now!

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