Who The Fuck Is Route 2 FI?

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Welcome to Route 2 FI!

On this blog I will write about my path to financial independence (FI). Therefore I will cover themes within personal economy, personal growth, life philosophy and other topics related to FI.

In this blog many of the posts will be about money. But why money? Is it because I’m a selfish guy with an excessive capitalistic view of life?

No, it’s because money is the only asset that will buy you freedom! My main goal in life is to escape the corporate world, and in order to do that I need enough money.

You may wonder what I will do with all the time when I don’t work anymore? Well, I think this blog will cover that topic into the smallest detail.

Get to know me better

A little bit about myself; I just entered the 30s and live in Norway with my beautiful wife. I’ve studied a lot through the years, including economics, nutrition physiology, chemistry, engineering and project management. Why all these studies you may ask?

I see myself as a life long learner, and find almost all topics in the universe exciting as long as I can dig into depth of them (a typical trait for my introvert personality).

I’ve now worked a little bit more than 2 years in the corporate world as an engineer/project manager. Actually I find my job quite interesting, it’s just the routines that makes me feel drained.

If I could do the same work from home, or choose which projects to work with, I would probably do it for a less salary. I think that I would love any job that wouldn’t feel like work.

I love work, but mostly if it’s something I have a passion for

This would be some kind of work that I choose fo myself, and that I am totally passionate about. In order to do that (seeking that freedom), I’ll save as much money as I can, so I’ll feel secure enough to step out of the corporate world.

My path to FI is not about laziness and laidback days at the beach, it’s about pursuing my perfect life where I choose to decide excactly what I will work with, when I will work with it and who I want to work with. If everybody pursued their dreams, I think the world would become a lot more beautiful. Just imagine all that creative forms of work men and women would design if they got to choose for themselves!

Route 2 FI

So I mentioned I wanted to save as much money as I can to escape the corporate world, to attain my freedom and work with what I’m passionate about. But first of all; what am I going to do with the money I save?

What assets do you invest in, mr. Route 2 FI?

I will invest them in index funds. Why? Because I will not let my money rotten in a bank account with almost zero interest rate. Why I stick to index fund you can read more about here.

I’ve always been an avid saver, but it wasn’t before my brother told me about his friend making huge money in index funds I decided to read more about the subject.

How I discovered FIRE

I remember I googled something like: “What is index fund?” and this led me into the world of FI-bloggers.

I read absolutely everything on the blogs of Mr. Money Musthace, Early Retirement Extreme and Mad Fientist, and I remember I sat there with a thought like “Why haven’t anybody told me this before?” and “Why isn’t everybody doing this?”.

For me FI was like a new meaning of life. After I read about it I knew this was going to be my new lifestyle, I mean, isn’t it genius? Saving your ass off for about 8 – 10 years, then design your perfect life and be your own boss. The ultimate freedom I’ve always seeked!

Route 2 FI

Why doesn’t everybody want to be FI?

After some months with my new FI lifestyle, I now understand why nobody else (at least my friends and the people I know) don’t pursue the the same dream of freedom as me.

Of course, you can always say; because all people are different, Mr. Route2FI. And yeah, I’ll agree to that. I think there are 3 major reasons to why “nobody” else wants to pursue FI:


About 25 % of the population can be categorized as introverts. My opinion is that there is a lot more introverted people pursuing FI than extroverted people.

The reason for this is that introverted people tend to be more for themselves. They often feel exhausted and tired of being around people all day.

The idea of reaching FI sounds really appealing for an introverted person because of the freedom it will get. No more chit-chat with co-workers, boring meetings or awful presentations.

Just the thought of this will make an introverted person light up there eyes in FIRE (as an introvert myself this is something I really look forward to!).


This is clearly connected to personality. To reach FI you must save loads of money every month for 5 – 15 years. To an introverted person this is something they would’ve done anyway, because of their tendency to plan out their life in detail.

Because introverted people are more stimulated by inner experinces, they don’t need to experience new things all the time, and as a result this is a lifestyle that is a lot cheaper.

For an extroverted person (or an extremely adventorous introverted person) , on the other hand, 5 – 15 years will feel like a lifetime. Why save for the future when you can have fun today?

Anyway, I think it is harder for extroverts to stay strong in the FI-game because of their tendency to want experiences/things right away.

Breaking the societies codes of what’s right

 The norm is to go to school, graduate, take a job, climb the corporate ladder and stay there for 30-40 years. Then you are free to enjoy the life when you’re 67 years old.

I don’t understand why more people questions this. If I asked you right now to tell me the truth; would you retire right now if you had enough money to cover all your expenses?

If your answer is yes, I advice you to follow this blog to get a deeper understanding of what is means to reach FI.

Many of you would probably answer something like: “My job is all right, I’ll handle some more years there” or some will even say “I really love my job!”. And for those of you, I’m really happy! I wish I had the same feeling.

As I mentioned earlier in this post I like my job, it’s just the circumstances around my job that I don’t like. And because of that, I would like to break the societies codes of what’s the normal thing to do in life.

Follow this blog for motivation

My path to FI is several years away, and this blog will hopefully motivate me to continue the hard work. To my advantage I already have all the things I want in life, except for time.

I’ve got a lot of hobbies that I would like to spend more time on as soon as I pursue FI. I love spending time with my wife, friends/family, playing tennis/squash, ride my road bike, bodyweight excersises, read books, write, help others, think and contemplate about life and to some extent; travel.

As you can see, I already got everything I want in life in order to be happy. And because of that I’m really grateful. The only asset I would like more of is time, and that’s the reason I want FI.

In the next post I will tell you about my plan for achieving FI.

So this was my first post, feel free to give me some feedback in the comments field. I would really appreciate it!

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  1. I’ve followed you on Twitter for a while and I’m now taking the time out to read your blogs from start to continue. I have already started my own FI brand, moving forward I will credit your wisdom, motivation and thoughts where I grow wisdom from your writing and ideas- thank you.

    1. route2fi says: Reply

      Thank you šŸ˜€

  2. […] About Route 2 FI – A great starting point to get to know more about him and his goals. In reading through is blog I really enjoy his writing style! […]

  3. Hi

    Been following you on twitter, really great tweet.
    Was curious to read what your first blog post was.
    I found your insight on introverts and FI interesting, I had never thought of that but thing I agree with you.

    Keep up the good work


    1. route2fi says: Reply

      Thanks, Alan!!

  4. Hi Mr. Route2fi,
    I’ve just discovered your blog. I love your idea of the introvert being more interested in the financial independence way. It makes sense.
    All the best in your adventure.
    Mr. OTG

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