My goals for 2019 and my WHY for FI

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With 2018 nearly at its end, I am already looking forward to next year and my goals for 2019. I strongly believe in goal setting and self-reflection because it encourages you to grow as an unique individual. There is power and confidence in accomplishing the milestones you set for yourself.

I believe that the person who writes down their personal goals can achieve way more than the person who doesn’t. This is a repeated advice in nearly every personal development book ever published, and I’ve found it to be true.

But why share something so personal as your goals? I believe in full transparency. I have nothing to hide, and if this can inspire someone else I would be very happy. In addition, I believe that posting things online for people to see, it makes me more committed to my goals. Also I will share my WHY for each goal.

I will divide my goals in financial goals, personal development goals, business goals, relationship goals and fitness goals.

My goals for 2019

Financial goals

As you all know I dream about Financial Independence. To reach this goal I have to save a lot. I considered making a goal for how much my net worth should be 31.12.2019, but since the market is voltatile I don’t think this will be a SMART goal. How the market perform is not in my power to control, and therefore I rather make a goal for how much I will save in 2019 (which I can control).

Goal no. 1: In 2019 my goal is to save 3000 $ in january, and then save 100 $ more each month. In february I will save 3100 $, in march 3200 $ and so on. Total saved amount for 2019 will be 42600 $.

Actually, this goal scares me quite a bit, because it has been hard for me to save 3000 $ in a single month before. My salary at the moment is about 4300 $, so I definitely have to sell things at ebay or do some other kind of side-hustling. Maybe get an easy part time job? Suggestions anyone?

My WHY for this goal doesn’t need an extra explanation: I’m a FIRE-seeker!

For me the term savings means either money I invest in index funds, downpayment of my mortgage, student loan or my stock loan (for these loans I don’t count the interest I pay as a part of the savings rate). Read more about my income & expenses here and my net worth here.

Goal no. 2: Maintain a savings rate of 60 % or higher for every single month in 2019. Last month (november 2018) I managed to save 61 % of my total income. However, this was my first month were I tracked my expenses, so I don’t know if this will be easily done or not. According to Minafi’s genius FIRE-calculator I will reach FI in about 6 – 7 years if I can keep up the pace with a savings rate above 60 %. This will of course depend on the market conditions in the next years to come.

The WHY for this goal is as obvious as for the other financial goal: I will reach FI earlier with a higher savings rate.

Goal no. 3: No shopping in 2019. This means if I’m going to buy something it must be second-hand, and I’m only allowed to buy something if I sell something I already have. If I sell some clothes that I already have for 100 $, I can purchase second-hand clothes for 100 $.

Personal development goals:

Goal no 1: Read 30 minutes every day & blog 30 minutes every day. One of the main suggestions in the book “The Slight Edge” is to read more and to show up for your goals every day. I know this is really important, but I tend to procrastinate on this, because it is so “easy” to skip it. So since I now write my reading- and blogging goal here, I will feel much more comitted to do it.

This goal may seem easy for many of you, but for me the most important thing is to really get started with the blog (post as much as I can). 30 minutes blogging each day x 7 days = 3.5 hours of blogging every week. And if I multiple this with 50 weeks = 175 hours. I don’t know how many posts this will be in the long run, but it will surely be more posts than what I’ve done until this point. Also it doesn’t make sense to me to set a goal on a definite number of blog posts because they will vary in length. My ambition is to post every single week through 2019!

The length variation is also the same reason that I don’t want to state that I’m going to read for example 25 books. But I’m sure I will read plenty of books with 30 minutes time specified for reading.

My WHY for this goal: The reading goal is important to me because I want to learn even more. It’s a beautiful thought that an author has used 1 – 3 years on writing a book packed with the wisest word from their entire lifetime. You can learn all their life wisdom in only a couple of hours! I’m a MAVEN type, which means I love to learn things no matter what. I can learn things for no particular reason, I don’t have to use my learning in a job or to impress others. I love learning just in the case of learning itself!

The blogging part is important to me in several ways; to share my thoughts, learn more about myself, connect with likeminded people, keep myself comitted to my goals and thoughts,  inform and learn other people about what I’ve explored in life and so on. And since I’m an introvert it makes me feel whole when I write down my thoughts. It’s weird, but I like better to write about what I think on this blog, than to actually tell eg. my friends about it.

On work days I will get up at 6 AM to read and write on my blog. In the weekends I will get up at 9 AM to do the same. I will do this! The most important thing is to actually show up!

Check out my highly recommended books here.

Business goals:

Goal no. 1: Complete my additional study in public management. In the fall of 2018 I started a part time study in public management. The study lasts for 2 years and makes you qualified for middle management in public sector. The study actually finishes spring 2020, but my goal for 2019 is to get good grades while I work 100 % at my day job.

The WHY for this goal is because it is interesting to learn something new, but also because I have the possibility to try other work options. Maybe a job in the HR-field woud suit me well?

Goal no. 2: In 6 months (summer 2019) I’ve finished 1/2 of the study, and I will (try to) apply for middle manager positions. This goal scares me a whole lot! Will they hire someone without experience? Sometimes I think it seems so though to lead other people. Will I become burned out of all the stress? Or will I love it? And how will an INFJ personality fit in as a leader?

As I mentioned in the last goal I’ve considered working in the HR-field. The WHY for this goal must be because I will get more responsibility at my job, and therefore more sense of meaning at work? An increased salary will not bother me of course, as it will speed ut my time to FI.

Goal no. 3: Become laber union leader at my current workplace. Today I am assisting the labor union leader, but he will quit his job in january. Therefore I will apply on his position. Hopefully I will be offered the position, and I think this will give me valueable leadership experience.

My WHY for this goal is because I will get valueable experience as a leader, and maybe this directorship will lead to new possibilities as well? Absolutely an important goal for 2019!

Relationship goals

Goal no. 1: Propose to my girlfriend. We’ve been together for two years, and I think it is time to move this relationship a step further. We’re having so much fun everyday! She is just great in all areas and supporting me in reaching my goals as well! I love this woman <3

Goal no. 2: Have a child. We’ve talked about this for a while, but now we’re sure. 2019 is going to be the year we’re having our first baby. This is one of my ultimate life goals. Raising a child and inspire him/her to make the most out of life, play together and help with homework. This will give my life a new kind of meaning. A full responsibility for another human being, I can’t wait!

Fitness goals

Goal no. 1: 100 push-ups and 60 chins every weekday. I’ve done this work out for almost all of 2018, and it’s now a part of my daily habit. I both feel good and look good after I’ve completed this work out, so this is something I want to continue with. I’m going to buy a weight vest as well, so that I can increase the strength a little bit here.

Goal no. 2: Complete two training sessions weekly. I love doing sports / training in general, and of this two training sessions this may include: tennis, squash, cross country skiing, cycling, running, climbing.

What is your goals for 2019?

My WHY of FI

I have always been an avid saver. I’m one of these guys that find more joy in watching my money grow, than to actually use them. I find pure joy in saving as much as possible. To view my numbers daily.

Now that I have had vacation for 10 days already, I am sure that to retire early is not the answer for me. I love to work, but maybe not at my day job.

I must admit that I’m kind of afraid of failure. And one of the other reasons I seek FI is because I can try out different business options without the fear of failure (since I got enough money to support myself).

I want to start something for myself, be my own boss. I just don’t know what I want to work on yet. For me it feels safe to just stay in my day job, and to do something else on the side. The only problem is time. If I had the same time (40 hours a week) for a side hustle, then I would eventually become an expert at it after a while.

But it doesn’t feel right to just quit my job now, and just try luck with some business on my own. And therefore FI is really appealling to me. Because when I’m FI, I can’t fail. And if I can’t fail, that means I win either if the business would succeed or not.

FI is my safe-failure.

What’s your WHY to FI?

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  1. Sounds like you have good plans for this year. For me saving money provides me with a sort of calm, because I know that when I quit my job I will still be able to survive for quite a few months. Saving also makes me proud of myself for resisting all kinds of temptations and instead work toward a goal (become debt free and FI). I do not make the money you make so it will take a bit longer, but I figured maybe I can take on an extra job, some side hustle, or buy a studio instead of renting an apartment (long term investment). So quite a few plans here as well 😉

    1. route2fi says: Reply

      Thanks, Jo! Where are you on your FI journey right now? What is your FIRE-number? Delayed gratification is a great gift 😀
      The most important thing is that you are on the road to FIRE, and it’s important to enjoy the path along as well 😀 Do you have any ideas of what kind of side hustles or extra work you eventually would like doing? Buying a studio is something you won’t regret for sure! 😀

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