New Life Means New Goals

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So I did it. I quit my job to pursue a life of financial independence.

I’ve been retired for one month now. The only kind of work I’ve done is some coaching calls with a few clients, but this doesn’t feel like work.

I have so much time now. In the start, there were no problems filling the time with activities that I wanted to do. And it’s not a problem now either.

But this Monday when I wake up I started to think about what my next goal should be. I’ve been all-in with the financial independence mindset since January 2018, trying to get there as fast as possible.

And hell yeah, I did it. I reached financial independence at the age of 33 in February 2021. The stock portfolio sits comfortably on about $540K at the moment but will increase by $60K in the mid of April due to our selling of an apartment and moving into a townhouse just outside of the city I live in now.

So, most likely I will have over $600K in my stock portfolio in about a month (depending on how the stock market behaves). In my eyes, I’m having lots of money and lots of time.

But what should I fill all this time with? I realize that I have to do something because, to be honest, I’ve been pretty lazy after I retired.

I Finally Retired From The 9-5 – What Should Be My Next Goals?

“You want what you can’t have. But when you get it, you want something else”.

This analogy couldn’t be truer for me at the moment. I’ve reached financial independence which I worked immensely hard for 3 years. But now that I’m here, I want to go to the next mountain top. The next challenge. The next event.

Or at least, I want to spend my time on something that gives me meaning.

When I worked I just wanted away from it all, but now that I have plenty of time I feel guilty for “wasting time”. It’s funny because I didn’t felt guilty when I wasted time in my 9-5.

The reason was that I was paid for wasting time. Now that I’m mostly not paid for the things I do, I get this feeling of guilt all the time.

Guilt for not reading as much as I planned, guilt for not posting as much on this blog that I planned. I’m procrastinating and spending too much time on Twitter too.

So, I’m writing this post to try to plan my life more, because as the dutiful guy that I am it doesn’t make sense to me to just live a random life. I need a plan. I need goals to reach for.  

Goal number 1: Reach a $1M stock portfolio within April 2023 

I know, I am sure you think what’s the point? I am financially independent, so why am I putting up another money goal? 

See it as a personal challenge



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