New Job, Stock Portfolio & I’ve Bought A Car – A Quick Update

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The days are moving quickly. I’ve not written as much as I used to lately.

There’s a reason for this. I’ve landed a new job (again!).

From 1th of January, I will be a department manager for a small company within the engineering field.

The pay will be increased as well. It comes with a $107,000 base salary for the normal 37,5 hours.

Every additional hour will be paid $85.

And I also get a brand new car which I can use both at work, but also private.

Stock Portfolio: $471,352.

And yes, my financial independence number is $500,000.

I’m only months away from a huge celebration!

Will soon release a mega-post about how I got to financial independence!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Looking forward to your mega post. ? And congrats with The new job.

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