November 2018 Income & Expenses

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Here is what my income looked like in November:

My income this month was 4854,9 $. As you can see most of it was from my day job. The stipend I got because I’m following a course on the university in management. The post “Rent from partner” is for the shared cost (housing). My GF transfers to me, and then I pay the bill. I’m planning to raise the dollar amount for things sold on ebay in the coming months (inspired by MillionaireDojo).


My expenses this month was aprox. 1900 $. Hopefully I can lower this amount in the future.

Savings rate

This month’s savings rate was 61 %, which I think is quite good! Everytime I think about savings rate Mr. Money Mustache’s figure pops into my head, I can’t help myself but thinking about how many years left I got in the rat race.
Read Mr. Money Mustache’s legendary post here: “The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement”

Next time I will update about my net worth. Stay tuned!

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