How Financial Independence Will Make You Find Your Passions In Life

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

The best question you’ve ever been asked.

Too bad it gets asked when you’re four years old, and all you want to do is eat ice cream and play with ninja turtles.

Do you know the best time to ask yourself that question?

Right now. When you actually know what it means. When you actually have the chance to do something about it.

When you actually know what it takes to get there.

Do you wanna be famous? Rich? A rock star? Go for it. At least you know what it takes now.

Think about all the people you look up to, your role models, the people you admire.

What do they all have in common?

I don’t know who your idols are, but I’m going to guess they’re all outliers.

Exceptions.There’s nothing normal about them. They stand for something, and they don’t care what others think.

There’s a handful of people I admire. None of them are normal. That’s why they’re inspirations.

None of them sit behind a desk in shirt and tie working 9 – 5.

None of them wait for their annual leave before they go get their shit done.

They all believe in something and they live by those beliefs.

What about you? Where do you want to go in this life?

What do you believe in?

People tell you normal is having a job you don’t like and mortgage you can’t afford.

Blink twice and you’ll see there’s nothing to gain in striving to be normal.

Normal is there to serve CEOs, governments, banks and corporates, but not you.

So what do you want to be? A professional adventurer? A Pokemon Go Expert? Awesome.

Are you afraid that’s not normal? Even better.

The only thing that should be normal in this life is people being exactly who and what they want to be.

Invest In Yourself

When people (including me) talk about investing, they always talk about the stock market or getting yourself a rental property.

That’s all good stuff, but there’s an investment vehicle that’s far more important than any other – yourself.

You can never, ever go wrong by investing in yourself.

You will always be you.

You will always have this mind and this body. Invest in it. Make it amazing.

Upgrade yourself to the top model and then upgrade yourself some more.

What does that mean? Don’t spend your hard-earned cash on superficial junk and don’t spend your time building someone else’s dream.

Invest your time and money on building the best possible version of you.

Start reading  the best books, learn from the greatest minds and put what you learn into action.

Just take one small step every day.

Those small steps will compound, and over time you will evolve yourself into a better and stronger version.

My Search For Passion

I grew up in Norway.

For years, I was trapped inside a bubble.

I learned what I saw and walked the default path to living a normal 9 – 5 life.

After I finished school, it was time to go to college.

After college I had a hard time deciding what kind of study to choose.

I started with economics, switched over to nutrion, then chemistry, biology, mathematics and in the end engineering.

When I started my first 9 – 5 job, almost 10 years has passed since I graduated from college.

I knew for me, doing something I love is more important than making a lot of money.

It’s not to say that I don’t want to make money.

But I would prioritize doing the work I love over making more money — any day.

Today I work as an engineer, but I won’t say I completely love the work.

Four Years Later

I figured that even though I like to work as an engineer, it’s not something I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was tough to admit this to my self.

Many people would call it a waste of time to study for 10 years, but I would call it connecting the dots.

Maybe because I followed my heart after school, my life unfolded in such a way that I found what I really want to do, which is to:

a) Write (or create content in other forms) to think and express

b) Be a lifestyle entrepreneur and investor

c) Learn, grow and reach my higher potential

d) Inspire and serve you so you can become a better version of yourself

These things make me feel at home.

I know it’s difficult. It will be a long journey. But I’m willing to fight for it.

The Solution: Financial Independence

Since I’ve discovered financial independence, life doesn’t feel like hassle anymore.

I know that even if I do not love to work as an engineer, I can quit in some years when my stock portfolio is big enough.

Then I can start all over again if I want to.

I can try to write full time, start a business, go back to school, take another job, work part time etc.

I can do what I dream about without fearing the consequences.

I’ve learned that what you’re passionate about may change, most likely you will therefore experience several passions during your lifetime.

Righ now my biggest passion is investing.

It’s so much fun to build a money machine.

I’ve never been more motivated to save that much money ever before.

Right now I find so much joy in saving and investing, that I no longer am interested in shopping clothes, shoes etc.

The journey to financial independence is what’s driving me through week after week at the 9 – 5.

I like my work, but I don’t love it.

That’s why I’m going to spend more time on what I like to do when I’m FI.

Hopefully I will be financial independent in only 4 years from now.

Haven’t found your passion yet?

Then read the next section.

How To Find Your Passion

Most people are not satisfied.

They chase desires to be happy but when they get what they want; they remain unsatisfied.

Our desire system is flawed.

-We have too many options (we don’t know what to trade our money with).

-We desire things because others desire them.

-We find out what we don’t want after we get what we thought we wanted.

-We no longer desire once we get what we want.

-We desire too many things at once.

-We desire things immediately. We want instant gratification.

So what’s the solution?

Stop obsessing about finding your passion.

You don’t find your passion, you build it.

It is a discovery process, not a match made in heaven.

If you’ve not found your passion yet, there are two possible reasons:

a) You know what you want to do but you’re too afraid to pursue it.

b) You’ve not found your passion because you’re too afraid or too distracted to explore.

Both reasons are products of fear.

You have one life.

Are you going to let fear steal your passion away from you?

I hope not. If you already know what you want to do but you’re afraid to pursue it, you don’t have to quit all your responsibilities in life.

Do it on the side or free up time for it.

Do it because that’s what matters to you.

If you haven’t found your passion yet, you haven’t explored enough.

To explore, you need courage.

With courage, you try new things.

You’re not afraid to look stupid or make mistakes.

Keep playing with life and stop obsessing about passion.

Stumbling Upon Your Passion

Alone time and journaling are the ultimate tools to stumble upon your passion.

Your passion may be right in front of you.

Many times, passion doesn’t appear out of anywhere.

It’s something you’re curious about or that you already do.

In other cases, people are too occupied with drama, “busy” work, or addictions of the modern world that their mind becomes polluted.

Their mind doesn’t have space to think and explore.

That’s why you need alone time and journaling.

Alone time will set you free of distractions and drama so you can explore new things, and journaling will give you time to think.

You won’t find your passion on the first day of journaling.

Give the discovery process its time.

Express your thoughts in your journal without judgment and keep thinking about these prompts:

-What drives you?

-What truly matters to you?

-What did you always want to do?

-What brings fulfillment in your life? (notice I didn’t say happiness or pleasure)

-How do you want to bring value to people’s lives?

-What would you do if money weren’t a thing?

-What do you want to get better at?

-What would you do if you could live forever?

-What excites and fascinates you?

-What do you want to be known for?

-Who inspires you? (and why?)

-Who do you want to be around?

-What do you LOVE doing? (Love = falling in love with the good and the bad sides)

-Think about the future vision of your life. (hint: dream big)

It’s easy to ignore your intuition.

But when you journal, you can’t ignore it.

When you face that blank page, you can’t help but pour your heart out on the paper.

Look, I love rational thinking. It has its time and place. But rational thinking is too safe for finding your passion.

You need intuition to bring balance. When you come to a conclusion, do your research and ask people who are already doing it (what you want to do) for years about how it feels like to be in their position.

Ask them the upsides and the downsides.

After being aware of the consequences (and listening to your heart), set goals in that direction.

Make progress every day. Get hooked so much that you forget all your past addictions in life.

What Happens After You Find Your Passion

Once you’ve found your passion, you face reality.

You realize it will be hard.

You find out how ugly it can get.

That’s the time you get to decide.

-Are you willing to make sacrifices for it?

-Are you willing to face the ugliness?

-Are you willing to stay patient?

-Are you willing to fight for it?

If the answer is no, go back to the drawing board.

If the answer is yes, congratulations.

Your life will become a masterpiece.

If you’re curious about my passions, I’ve written about it in detail here: Why You’re So Damn Afraid To Follow Your Passion

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  1. You write very well. The fact that you connect the methods of financial success to being successful in life is unique to your blog. I follow many FIRE blogs where I learn the finance part well but that’s it. Being successful in life has nothing to do with money/career. One should have a smile when they are ready to pull the ventilation tube reflecting on a life well lived! We both have a lot of similarities. I am guessing I am about 10 years older than you since I have 20 years of work experience. Never have I liked working for the 4 fortune-500 companies I have sat through. I am not a corporate boy. Neither do I like to burn the clock for a timely delivery – the difference in bonus to someone who does is $5K, which is not worth the sleep I lose.

    On future and fear, what we want to do 20 years from now is something we can do now. Similarly whatever we fear now will NOT go away in 20 years time. It will be there as a same or different problem. So the best thing is to not live that things will be rosy in 20 years time. However that is where we have a conflict with macro-economic models. We do know that investment now will be compounding 2 decades from now but that is not true in personal life. Money should only be there as an aide (as it was intended) and not the purpose of our life.

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