Mindblowing Articles To Make Your Weekend Awesome #1

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In this weekly section “Weekend Reads” I will recommend some articles that I liked and that influenced me in some way.

Work Makes Leisure More Enjoyable (And Vice Versa)

Mr. Free @ 33: “FIRE gives you the opportunity to maximize the potential of both work and leisure. You should be doing what you want, when you want, where you want, why you want, with whom you want”.

This article teached me that even if you reach FI, you shouldn’t quit working completely, because then you won’t enjoy leisure.

Instead you should  work on things that is meaningful for you; for example a blog, starting a business, help your local community and so on.

It’s not the work… It’s the process of work

 – Game of Budgets: ” Why walk away from something that has a good work/life balance and pays so much? It is the process of work that is annoying:

– It’s two hours of commuting every day. Now I take a bus and read on the way, but there’s still that process of being up at 6 AM every weekday to make it to work on time. 

It’s the lack of flexibility to work a week from home or take a month long sabbatical to recharge.”

This article felt like the story of my life. I love work, but it is the process of work that drains me. If I could do the same work from home, or work on it whenever I wanted, I could be doing this forever.

Is Net Worth the Wrong Metric to Track?

– Four Pillar Freedom: “Since most of my portfolio is invested in stocks, market fluctuations can have a noticeable impact on my net worth growth from month to month.

I can set a goal for myself to increase my net worth by $5,000 each month, but ultimately I can’t control how the stock market will behave. This is why I find it more important to track the gap between my income and my expenses each month, rather than my net worth”.

Great article by Zach from Four Pillar Freedom. It teached me that I should focus on keeping track of the things that I can control, rather than focusing on that my net worth should increase by x in y months. Check out my goals for 2019 here.

Investing In Yourself

– Making Momentum: “You’re the most valuable asset you will ever own and continuing to learn, develop and enjoy life should be a priority. 

Whether it’s a book on personal development, affordable online course from Udemy, downloading dozens of podcast episodes to improve your life and a conference super-focused to your career path, the net return can 10x the investment if applied properly”.

Wow, what an in-depth-guide! LPR: Learn (books, people, podcasts), Pursue (put the Learning into action) and Regroup (Analyzing the results).

Persistence Is The Key To Success And Wealth

– Millionaire Dojo: “The message I want to get across with this post and ultimately this blog, is that you can achieve your goals if you’re persistent.

A millionaire is made a dollar at a time. With small steps, we will get to our goals if we just keep at it”.

This october month was a rough month in the stock market, it can be scary to see your portfolio drop so much in such a sort time, but those who are persistent will end up being the winners in the long run.

This article also reminded me that I should be persistent with the blog. I often procrastinate and delay writing here. And I always regret it. From now on I am going to dedicate more time to just write.

Just show up. Because making some content on the blog, is better than making nothing.

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