Mindblowing Articles To Make Your Weekend Awesome #2

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In this weekly section”Weekend Reads” I will recommend some articles that I liked and that influenced me in some way.

Why You Shouldn’t Beat Yourself Up for Publishing Bad Content – Splurging on Freedom:

“You Have to Start Somewhere. Every great writer started off small. Their writing wasn’t good. But they just started anyway. Go look up your favourite bloggers / writers and search for their oldest material. The content they created then, compared to the content they are creating now, will be worlds apart. 

Bad Content is Better Than No Content at All. Want to know what will make or break your career as a content creator? Your daily habit of creating. Sure, you could wait around for inspiration to strike. Or for motivation to fire your body up. But when will that even happen? Once a month? Once a year?”

 Wow, I really can relate to this! I know I should make the blogging habit a daily habit. But I’m a procrastinate master, and I think my blog posts are shity. Well, I now know I have to start somewhere. Thanks for this article, Liz.

The days are long but the decades are short – Sam Altman:

“However, as valuable as planning is, if a great opportunity comes along you should take it.  Don’t be afraid to do something slightly reckless.  One of the benefits of working hard is that good opportunities will come along, but it’s still up to you to jump on them when they do.”Many great life tips from Sam Altman in this blog post. I love reading other bloggers that has a lot more experience than I do!

Financial Freedom Is Not About Money, It’s About Living Your Best Life – Invested Wallet:

“For me, living your best life means a few things:

-Less stress and worry about finances

-The freedom to choose what time to wake up (no alarms!) or when to work

-The ability to travel and take a vacation without racking up credit card debt to pay for it

-Getting to spend more time with family and friends, instead of constantly chasing a paycheck to cover expenses

-If I lose my job, can I cover the expenses for a while?

-Being able to start a passion project, help others, etc.”

Great content from Invested Wallet! I think this is spot on about what the FIRE community is all about; living your best life. A life where you’re free to choose how you will spend your day. This is what I’m thinking about absolutely every day!

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