Mindblowing Articles To Make Your Weekend Awesome #3

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In this weekly section”Weekend Reads” I will recommend the best articles this week, and which influenced me in some way.

-The Adjustable Early Retirement Grid – Four Pillar Freedom:

“It’s a simple grid that shows how long it will take you to achieve financial independence.” Really nice work by Zach. This interactive calculator shows how many years you’ve got left in the rat race. Fill in your current net worth, adjust your annual FI amount and pick an interest rate. When I tested this I got 6 years to my FI (my assumption was 7 % interest rate, 140k saved now, 20 times my annual spending). Try it for yourself! 

-You Don’t Need To Do It First Or Best You Just Need To Do It – Money on Fire:

 “I remember reading in lots of different business books that if you want your company to be successful you have to be first or you have to be the best. Sure, that may be the best strategy to build a billion dollar company but if you’re just starting, or haven’t started, then you just need to do something, anything.” One of my new favorite bloggers for sure. Short posts and straight to the point!

This post is a great reminder to myself. I just have to start, I just have to write more often. I do love to blog, and I want to be better at it, but currently I think my work isn’t good enough (and that’s why I procrastinate). To create a routine for more time to create blog posts is definitely one of my goals for 2019.


-“Are you living to work or working to live? By living to work one is so focused on their job they don’t see what life has to offer. I’d rather be working to live my life.

-“Life to me isn’t about waking up each day having to work. It should be about the option to work and bettering the lives of those around you.”

This post reminds me of something that I wrote about in my post: Why do I have to be Financial Independent to live my dream life? This will also be one of my priorities for the next year. I have to really find out why I’m seeking FI. Is my financial freedom goal driven by what I’m “moving toward” or by what I’m “running away” from? The sad truth is that I think my financial freedom goal is in the “running away”-part.

My motivation for FI is to escape the 9 – 5, so that I can be able to design my own life. Complete freedom to choose for my self. But I should change this to a goal that I can move toward. I need to dig deeper to find what I want to move toward. What will I spend my days doing when I’m FI? I need a plan, and Millionaire Mob’s post got me thinking even more about it.

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